• Pre-meeting – PALERMO – Tuesday 13 June – from 4 pm
✴ Ore 20:30 – Social Dinner

• First Stage: Wednesday 14 June – departure at 9 am
✴ 10:00 – arrival in Altofonte and 15-minute break
✴ 11:00 arrival in Santa Cristina Gela and 15-minute break
✴ 13:15 arrival in Corleone/Ficuzza and social lunch
✴ 16:30 departure after lunch and recharge
✴ 17:45 arrival in Prizzi and very short break without recharging
✴ 20:00 arrival in Cammarata, everyone can collect their luggage at the point of arrival
✴ Each participant dines independently using the rich resources of the country.

• Second Stage: Thursday 15 June – departure at 8 am
✴ 9:15 am arrival in Mussomeli and 15-minute break
✴ 10:44 arrival in Montedoro and 15-minute break
✴ 12:00 arrival in Serradifalco
✴ 13:30 arrival in Caltanissetta and lunch
✴ 17:00 departure from Caltanissetta after lunch and recharge of the vehicles.
✴ 18:40 arrival in Enna, everyone can collect their luggage at the point of arrival
✴ Each participant dines independently using the rich resources of the city.

• Third stage: Friday, June 16 – departure at 9 am
✴ 10:10 arrival in Leonforte, break without recharging
✴ 11:40 arrival in Agira with refreshment break based on Cassatelle di Agira.
✴ 13:20 arrival in Regalbuto lunch with charging of the vehicles
✴ 16:30 departure from Regalbuto after lunch and recharging of the vehicles
✴ 17:40 arrival in Centuripe, short break without recharging
✴ 19:30 arrival in Paternò everyone can collect their luggage at the point of arrival
✴ Each participant dines independently using the rich resources of the country.

• Fourth stage: Saturday 17 June – departure at 10:00 am
✴ Arrival in Ragalna at 10:30 break without recharging
✴ 11:00 Arrival in San Giovannello crossing without pause
✴ 12:40 arrival in Zafferana where we meet our friends of Scuola Monoruota Italiana, lunch with charging
✴ 16:30 departure from Zafferana Etnea to the “Rifugio Giovannino Sapienza”.

• Adventure of Etna (if the volcano agrees)
✴ 6:00 departure from Rifugio Sapienza for the Summit
✴ 14:00 arrival at the Refuge after a Ring route we can lunch and recharge
✴ 18:00 arrival in Catania and departure for Palermo by bus or train.

General informations

The Gathering on the highest volcano in Europe for all single wheel riders was invented in 2020 by two associations (Scuola Italiana Monowheel and Monowheel Sicilia) which over the years have replicated their commitment to bring as many people as possible, but in safety, to a volcano that offers, for history and panoramas, an unforgettable experience by any means of visit. On a monowheel the experience is even more exceptional, above all because we demonstrate to ourselves and to others how much this vehicle is able to take those who drive it literally everywhere.

Over the years, attendance has increased: some have become loyal and loyal participants, and we have even established warm friendships with them.

For the fourth year we have decided to introduce a small change: the final destination remains the same: the most imposing and highest volcano in Europe, an active volcano that is always full of charm. But this year we offer you a real journey to get there. For this year we have decided to make you wish and hope for it, from the west, starting from the city that has always governed and regulated the island where this volcano is located. The city of emperors, saint visionaries and power, sea and wind: Palermo.

We invite you to reach the Etna starting from the city of Palermo to discover that Sicily is full of mountains and landscapes that change a lot with every meter in a gradual but clear way. We want to take all the participants around this island through its lesser-known yet among the most spectacular landscapes: the interior of Sicily is yellow, ochre, green and is a succession of different and very colorful landscapes.

We have thus thought of a long and demanding program but where each of the participants can join or leave even before the destination by taking advantage of the train and bus connections that are along the way.

Technical note

It is recommended that all participants use a helmet and the personal protection necessary to feel safe. Obviously, each participant is responsible for driving his own vehicle and must act with the utmost prudence not only on the basis of his own experience, but also taking into account the other participants.

Furthermore, we recommend that all participants take into account the length of the stages and equip themselves with chargers, including fast chargers, when necessary, in order to respect the recharging times that we have calculated.