ETNA ADVENTURE 2023 is an event dedicated to expert riders with a passion for the mountains and aware of the risk they expose themselves to with the wheel at high altitudes.

The participating pilots must be in optimal psycho-physical conditions, have a high level of athletic training as well as high-level technical training.
To participate in the rally, each driver must complete the online registration form as well as the liability release form and have a third-party liability insurance policy to cover any damage they may cause to third parties.
Participation in the event is totally free, there are no accompanying charges. Any services such as luggage transport from hotel to hotel and taxi service may be paid for on site.
The riders’ clothing must be suitable for the weather conditions and the type of route that will be tackled.

The ascent of Etna requires the use of high mountain winter clothing; the use of a helmet is mandatory and personal protective equipment (PPE) is recommended.

The monowheels used must have a minimum autonomy and engine power suitable for the activity they are going to perform. RidersĀ  will be required to be punctual as well as to participate in preparatory briefings and any de-briefing moments.

Given the “adventure” nature of the event, the organization does not provide any support with recovery vehicles; in the event of a puncture, technical failure or impossibility to continue, the rider will be provided with the telephone number of the off-road taxi which (once the powers have been adjusted) will take him to the hotel of destination.

Each component must have an autonomous wheel inflation system and an anti-puncture kit with it. While walking the paths, it is not allowed to go beyond the designated leader, and in the same way each participant must make sure not to stay behind the queue holder.

It is not allowed to leave the group without notifying the organization and undertaking personal initiatives.
On the unquestionable judgment of the organizers who will have the right to meet in the decision-making council, those who do not have the above requirements may be excluded from one or more activities. Should the safety conditions fail, the Organization may decide to suspend, postpone or partially or totally cancel the trips already planned.

The Organization of ETNA ADVENTURE 2023, releases itself from any liability for damage to persons or things.