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Tuesday 13th June 2023
We ask you to converge on Palermo from all over Italy, Europe and, if you like, from even further away. For this reason, as people come to Palermo, the Monoruota Sicilia Association offers you a welcome, further information with respect to the fundamental ones that you can already find on the pages dedicated to the event.

Finally, the day before the official start of the meeting, we intend to organize a pre-meeting for all those who have already arrived in the city. In this way, we will have the opportunity to get to know each other or, in some cases, to meet again in person, and we will also be able to take a few walks together through the streets of the city familiar to many of us who are organizing the meeting for you.
We plan to propose a collective walk with a low level of difficulty and fatigue. We will take you up the mountain that all Palermitans see when they raise their eyes to the north, and which they love, know and frequent: Monte Pellegrino, where there is the possibility of seeing the city from above, admiring the sea and, if lucky, to also see the closest islands around her: Ustica, and some of the Aeolian islands.

Wednesday 14th June 2023
Palermo Cammarata
Technical data
Palermo – Cammarata

Trip time: more than 11 hours
Time on EUC: more than 7 hours
Km to go: almost 115 km
Roads: pedestrian and urban areas, dirt roads, former railways and dirt roads

Palermo – Corleone
We start in the morning, not too early, along the entire historic center of the city and the historic Via Maqueda that will allow you to admire some historical monuments of the Baroque period, from there we will walk the streets that reach Altofonte, the city home to an important royal park intended for the hunting of kings and emperors who lived in Sicily, passed Altofonte along the route of an abandoned railway we will reach Santa Cristina Gela important center for Arbëreshë culture in Sicily. Once we arrive in Santa Cristina Gela we will continue in the direction of Corleone, an important agricultural center in the province of Palermo.

Corleone – Cammarata
In Corleone we will make a long lunch break (over three hours) due to recharge our vehicles and leave for Cammarata. Leaving Corleone we will have about 55 km to go to reach Cammarata and we will do it through woods, pasture land and one of the coldest areas of the province of Palermo, arriving in the evening in Cammarata we will descend from above on the town leaving behind us the mountain of the same name.
Who joins us at Cammarata?
Cammarata is a city in the province of Agrigento on the border with the province of Palermo. It is served by a station located a few kilometers from the town (the station of Cammarata-San Giovanni Gemini). All those who join us only at the end of the first day, can reach us in Cammarata via the train station and can leave from Palermo Centrale even during the evening. Who will let us know

Giovedì 15 giugno 2023
Cammarata Enna
Technical data
Cammarata – Enna

Trip time: more than 10:30 hours
Time on EUC: just six hours and half
Km to go: almost 110 km
Roads: small municipal towns, provincial roads and country roads

Cammarata – Caltanissetta
We leave Cammarata going down into the valley, through many minor roads we reach Mussomeli, a steep city and in the center of Sicily: left Mussomeli we are absolutely in the agricultural heart of Sicily, yellow soils where the grain harvesting is about to begin or has already begun: in these areas wheat is produced for the pasta of a not small part of the Italians. You can reach the small town of Montedoro through provincial and minor roads.

From Montedoro you plunge back into a sunny countryside where you can see, here and there, the remains of a recent mining activity: we are walking on the most important sulfur and potassium salt deposits in Europe. The entrance to Caltanissetta will be long because the outskirts of this capital appear endless, but we will pass through the center of Caltanissetta and you will be rewarded by a late Baroque beauty that we will soon leave to descend again and then climb up to Enna: the Italian provincial capital with the highest altitude.

Who joins us at Enna?
Those who cannot participate in the previous days can reach the station of Enna. The station of Enna is served not only by those of Palermo but also by those of Catania.

The railway station is located at the foot of the town, and those who reach us by train, will find someone at the station who will take them to the city of Enna.

Venerdì 16 giugno 2023
Enna Paternò
Technical data
Enna – Paternò

Trip time: almost 10 hours and half
Time on: EUC just six hours
Km to go: almost 100 km
Roads: Leaving Enna in steep descent (beware of the risk of overloading the wheels!) we will take several interpoderal roads even unpaved to get first to Agira and finally to the Pozzillo lake. From Centuripe onwards, it’s almost all downhill!

Enna – Regalbuto
Starting from Enna we inevitably follow a great descent, we will leave Enna behind first along a provincial road and then entering country roads that will often be unpaved. But don’t worry, it is a route suitable even for newcomers to the Monowheel. After numerous climbs and descents we will arrive in Leonforte, a village surrounded by a monumental fountain that will be worth a break to contemplate the path behind us.
After a very short break we will leave again reaching Agira which is the country where unmissable desserts are produced with cocoa, ricotta and pastry (the Agira’s cassatelle). Leaving Agira we will reach the place of our lunch (Regalbuto) also along Lake Pozzillo.

Regalbuto – Paternò
Regalbuto is a small town above the plain that served to form Lake Pozzillo. Here we will have a quick lunch and a recharge for all the means that need it. The break, however, will not be too long because the remaining kilometers are not many.

From Regalbuto to Centuripe there is a long road first downhill and then uphill: one of the many extraordinarily steep climbs that we will encounter along our long ascent to Etna. The break in Centuripe is a must to be able to rest a little and be able to look at a small exceptional village that enjoys one of the most spectacular views of the volcano.
Who joins us at Paternò?
Those who join can get to Paternò either from Catania by train or from Palermo.

Sabato 17 giugno 2023
Paternò – Zafferana Etnea – Rifugio Sapienza

It is more than a day that Etna appears in all its majesty.
The time has come to face it: all the climbs faced so far, which were very important, are only slight compared to those that will come now.

Leaving Paternò we climb in the direction of Ragalna that we pass, then we proceed in the direction of Zafferana without going up more in altitude.

Zafferana Etnea
In Zafferana, we will meet those who have done the feat of coming from Liguria with the support van and with all the replacement and coaching wheels. After a lunch that also accompanied a generous recharge we can leave for the last kilometers that will take us to almost two thousand meters above sea level, at Rifugio Sapienza.

Domenica 18 giugno 2023
Rifugio Sapienza – Etna – Catania
If Etna allows us we will climb to its top, otherwise we will make a vast tour around its majesty. Then we go down to Catania and return to Palermo.


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